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Full Moon Posts Pluto-Venus Transits

Pluto-Venus Transit: The Killer of Love

Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol were driving home from a birthing class when Charles called the police from his cell phone stating that a black gunman forced himself into their car and demanded them to drive to the nearby Mission Hill district. After demanding the couple’s cash and jewelry, claimed Stuart, the gunman then shot Carol through the...

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Pluto transits Pluto-Venus Transits

Pluto-Venus Transit: I Married a Psycho!

Astrology textbooks predict that under Pluto’s transit to Venus, we can become involved in an extremely potent and fateful relationship that changes our life forever. During this movement, we have trouble maintaining detachment and perhaps lock lips with someone passionate, intense, focused and very determined. And such a relationship is usually characterized by extreme physical attraction, and so it can...

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