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Moon-Saturn: In Therapy

The Moon in aspect to Saturn represents the part of your nature where you need to build self-esteem and confidence.

The Astrology of Blushing

Question: What in a natal chart would indicate a person who blushes easily and cannot hide it? I know fair

If You Could Design Your Kid’s Chart

Question: If you could design your kid’s chart would give him lots of trines? I’m not really into designing a

Resentment of Authority

When we are in the position of Saturn, we begin to have sympathy for the devil, so to speak. Or,

Are the Water Signs Great Manipulators?

Question: Are the Water Signs great manipulators? In my experience, I have noticed that if they hurt you or betray

The Water Signs: The Truth About Tearing Up

The water signs care too much about others – they’ve always cared too hard. Things have always hit them very

The Astrology of Depression

Question: Can you see if a person is prone to depression? For the darkest of depression, the kind that makes

Cat Zodiac Signs: Aries – Virgo

Astrology isn’t only for humans and in this guide to cat zodiac signs, read and understand your favourite moggie at

Water Signs: Living Without You

The Water Element (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) expresses feelings and emotional states. Under its influence, we become more sensitive, we are able

Water Signs: What do You Mean?

Psychologist Freud, despite thirty years of research into the feminine soul, said that he was unable to understand the psyche