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Sagittarius: Dreams of FlyingSagittarius: Dreams of Flying

Question: So tired of everyone stereotyping Saggitarius as inconsistent, promiscuous, unable to settle down, greedy, flighty. Are we not scholarly philosophical, wise, religious and celibate rather than promiscuous? Well, there are all kinds of Sagittarians as there are all blends of other signs. The promiscuousness of Sagittarius is mainly due


Sun in Sagittarius: Children of the StarsSun in Sagittarius: Children of the Stars

We enter Sagittarius riding horses. Anyone related to this zodiacal region, gallops through life, and is sometimes referred to as wildfire, or, at least, the largest flame, moreover, any individual born under this sign possesses a strong and fiery vision. The process of the solar part of the personality reflects all the things