Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is the ultimate business of business placement and normally indicates a strong ambition and need for control. The desire is to develop practical skills, and learn how to cope with the material world. Eventually, you will acquire the required discipline and realistic approach that life demands of you. Initially, the need to learn...

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Saturn in Virgo: The Hard-Core Tinkerer

Question: Does Saturn in Virgo have to take work, health, and routine more seriously? Doesn’t everybody need improvement or to take the “little stuff” more seriously? It can be daunting having to take a Master’s degree in Virgo, to become the master craftsman. Firstly, this sign has an encyclopedic knowledge of its chosen subject. Secondly,...

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Saturn in Aquarius

  Those with Saturn in Aquarius are learning about Aquarian principles such as the brotherhood of man, social behavior, and humanitarian ideals. Security, safety and belonging in a group, may be sought, but there is often a fear of coming across as being somehow different from others or being ostracized. Inside they are sometimes over-concerned […]

Saturn in Leo

Those with Saturn in Leo are learning to find their self-expression, develop their creative potential and shine individually. They are making an effort to really understand what constitutes real self-acceptance and creating freely. Often the individual may feel inadequate, anxious and fearful when trying to express this inner light and they need to develop themselves […]

Saturn in Libra

The individual with Saturn in Libra is learning to define what is right and wrong, and sometimes this reflects a deep need to follow certain rules and to do what is right. However, this may come at the cost of their own desires as there is a need within the individual to not be selfish […]

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius All about your Sagittarius Saturn Sign An individual born with Saturn in Sagittarius has a serious desire to study, philosophize and travel. They are highly principled, believing that any soul must earn their achievements through hard work. However, there is a certain pain, fearfulness and frustration connected with their trusting, optimistic and faithful nature. […]

Saturn in Pisces

An individual with Saturn in Pisces can be caught in a psychological ocean of secret dreams, the psychic realm and their imagination. The deeper levels of the subconscious can make them feel vulnerable and defenceless. It is important for them to find some time alone, as they have the poet’s thirst for love, unity, and […]

Saturn in Gemini

Those with Saturn in Gemini need to learn and seek knowledge and to communicate clearly and fight the need to control communication for a sense of security. The defensive nature of Saturn can show through rigid thinking, intellectual doubts and difficulty in opening up to others and sharing ideas. These individuals are mastering lessons in […]

Saturn in Scorpio

The Saturn in Scorpio person possesses deep fears and vulnerabilities, and these are defense mechanisms against emotional control, personal dominance, and trust issues, which are mostly due to the type not wanting to feel weak. The individual creates a sense of security by holding on tightly to everything and everyone. Scorpio is grouped as a […]