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Saturn: The Dark Shadow of Fear – Part 1

Some astrologers think that Saturn is associated with karma. It is called the Great Teacher. Zipporah Dobyns calls it the

Saturn: Where Your Boundaries Are

Symbolized by the cross of matter over the crescent of the soul, the astrological symbol of Saturn signifies that your

Saturn: Becoming SELF Defined

With Saturn’s placement in the chart, it might be hard to ignite a fire – we feel quite dull –

Capricorn & Saturn: Fear, Prejudice, and Snobs

The Capricorn or Saturn energy in our chart is where we make decisions slowly, and fight against any and every

Saturn: The Perfectionist?

Question: Is Saturn prominent in the charts of perfectionists? It could be said that a person with a powerful Saturn

Saturn: 22 Mechanisms of Self-Defence

1. Saturn in the horoscope is where we are highly bound, operating from repetitive patterns that keep us safely away

Saturn: The Gift of Time

Saturn, our butterscotch-colored globe. Saturn's golden glow and ringed beauty. Saturn with its rounded boundaries, orderly rings of icy rock.


Psychologically, Saturn is the great teacher, the archetype of the wise old man, the voice of conscience. It represents the

Saturn Advice: In Gifs

The “malefic” god has a lot to teach us about building and mountain climbing, and it is a steep learning

Saturn: My Crushing Failure?

Saturn is about finding what we’re most afraid of, and that will be the subject of our life or until