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Conversations With Scorpio

I am the tormented, black-clad original soul. I guess with my personality I know what I like and what I don’t like.

The Watery Depths: Water Element/Moon-Neptune/Moon-Pluto

Question: I’m tired of being an emotional person (water planets & watery aspects), nobody has time for crybabies and moody

Fixed Signs: The Gates of Avataric Descent

The fixed signs correlate to the interesting astrological concept of the Gates of Avataric Descent. Avataric Descent means, loosely, bringing

Water Signs: The Nonverbal Communicators

Question: How good are water signs at reading people? The water signs represent dreams and fantasies and all unconscious material.

Love in the Stars: Scorpio

Question: Is it wrong to wish to have a Scorpio man? I need passion and intensity. Where are all the

Scorpio: The Servant of Satan?

Question: Is Scorpio’s sign associated with satan? The general public continues to respond to them with a morbid fascination. Scorpio

Scorpio-Sagittarius: Dark to Light

If you’re reading this Scorpio, who let you in here? For this sign, a no trespassing sign just summons the

A Book for Scorpio: How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

For Scorpio’s book choice, I chose the funniest cat book ever – How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting

The Bubblegum Babe’s Guide to Scorpio

People will try to ignore you and they'll try to hurt you if you keep them from ignoring you. What

Seducing Scorpio

Question: Any chat up lines to use on a Scorpio female? You have to be careful with a snake-haired woman