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Mundane Astrology Pluto Search Engine Questions

Pluto’s Shadow and the Black Man

I once wrote somewhere on this blog about Liz Greeneā€™s interpretation of Pluto in The Astrology of Fate as representing the black man. It was part of a dream analysis she was working through with a client. I also mentioned how astrologer Sue Tompkins related Pluto with the black culture: Black Culture and Our Historical Roots “White people who have …

Relationship Astrology Search Engine Questions

Composite Moon in 8th House

The composite Moon in the 8th house indicates a relationship that is emotionally intense, and the feelings which are aroused between this couple are extreme and deep. In a relationship chart, the composite Moon describes the emotional coloration and requirements of the union, and the 8th house rules the parts of life that no one wants to openly talk about. …