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Haunted 3 (Neptune/Pluto)

Alfonsina Storni was one of the most important Argentine and Latin-American poets of the modernist period. A year and a

Haunted 2 (Pluto in the 8th House)

Pat Montandon is an American writer, TV hostess, fashion expert and retail executive who rented a San Francisco house that

Astrology: Channelled Texts

It would have been Jane Roberts birthday today. Jane channeled the male identity who called himself Seth. In her horoscope,

A Book for Pisces: Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures

Pisces symbolizes plunging into that “sea of Mystery” of the unconscious and it invites us into¬†rich discovery or with the

Astrology and Reincarnation

Do you believe in reincarnation? This whole transmigration of the soul is probably true. However, it is difficult to imagine

Astrology – The Difficult Profession

It is a difficult profession for Astrologers promoting the awareness and validity of astrology, writing books, engaging us in this

Psychic Indicators

Psychism is what lives beyond physical science, or knowledge, and represents the immaterial and the irrational side of life. A

Astrology: Religion and Spirituality

How do I analyze religion and spirituality in the birth chart?  It is a hard question to answer. Jupiter, Sagittarius,

The Zodiac Poem

In the book Signs of the Zodiac: A Reference Guide to Historical, Mythological, and Cultural Associations by Mary Ellen Snodgrass,

Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face

My favorite inspirational person in the world and someone who I find truly amazing is Katie Piper. In my mind,