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Neptune Dreaming

The unconscious contents floating about our heads in the night time are given to the power of Neptune. The watery god is the ruler of the ocean and the unconscious and everything that is washed up on the shore. We can have several events and people actually separated by years together in our dreams, placed… Read More »


The death of someone close is something everyone will have to deal with at some point in their lives, and we all have questions about what happens to us when we die.  Some people have approached dying and death as if surfing one last giant wave all the way to the shore. We all wonder… Read More »

Astrology and Superstition

Carter’s Psychological Encyclopedia of Astrology found that people who believe in things too readily are said to have a weak Mercury and it’s very often in a water sign, but that we should also consider the water houses in this equation (especially the 12th). Water and Fire predominate over Earth and Air signs in the… Read More »

Butterfly: Gemini – Scorpio

The Butterfly is often used as an interesting analogy to describe the zodiac sign of Gemini. However, there is also the comparison made with Scorpio and the metamorphosis process of the caterpillar into a butterfly. We could even compare the overnight transformation of the pond water into ice as relating to Scorpio. In astrology, we… Read More »

Stir of Echoes

Stir of Echoes is one of my favorite films, and after reading Liz Greene’s The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, it helped greatly with some of the astrological themes in the movie. The obvious connection involves Neptune and the link with the paranormal, “psychism” and spiritual side of life. However, the process leading up… Read More »

Fate and Free Will

For as long as humankind has sought to understand our place in the universe and our connection with a higher power, we have struggled with the question of whether our lives are predestined and planned out, or whether they are entirely of our own creation. The fate vs. free will debate has gone on for… Read More »

Jupiter Key Words: Intuition

Jupiter’s keyword is intuition and quite often keywords for an astrological planet are linked to one another. For example, intuition is linked with luck, and being lucky has been associated with people who are generally optimistic. Another word belonging to the Jupiterian realm and you can see how this vocabulary relates to one another like… Read More »