Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries takes its name from the Greek God of War. Aries people are combative, independent and headstrong, and like the other fire signs, are driven to realize their own individuality. They look to the future and move forward in life, rarely looking back. Being the first sign of spring, the symbol of […]


Taurus has a deep-rooted need for material and emotional stability, and both of these things are fundamental to their sense of well-being. Those born under this sign instinctively withhold and conserve whatever belongs to them. A Taurean does not take risks affecting their material security, as their possessions and home environment are extremely important. Naturally, […]



Gemini is the most Mercurial sign of the zodiac. While all of us are made up of many selves masquerading as one person. Gemini is the epitome of the split personality, bright, communicative, and sociable one minute, distracted and offhand the next. That is not to say that all Geminis are Jekyll and Hyde’s, but […]


Cancer just like the symbol the crab has a tough exterior that protects a soft underbelly, and they are extremely vulnerable to life. Cancer is the most defensive and protective sign of the zodiac, they live in a watery world of emotions, instinct, gut feelings, and intuition. This level of relating to the environment makes […]



Leo symbolizes pride, dignity, and courage (together with a rich sense of drama) which describes this most colorful of zodiac signs. Leo’s association with the Lion – a universal symbol of power and authority, says a lot about this particular sign, for the king of beasts possesses an innate dignity and nobility. The Lion often […]


Virgo’s have a highly developed sense of correctness and order, and it often has to weigh this against the imperfections and the chaos that form a part of everyday life. In their attempt to get everything right, the sign sometimes jeopardizes what is really important to them. Virgo’s have a strong need to use their […]


Libra is related to the symbol of the scales. This connects the sign with justice, and a strong sense of fair play. A Libran possesses the ability to remain impartial and consider all sides of the case. However, a few will find themselves caught in a conflict between the desire to please the self, and […]


Scorpio is an incredibly complex and misunderstood sign. Single minded, and driven by an intensity of purpose. Scorpios approach life with total commitment or none at all. The Scorpion is willing to tear down the past of a whole relationship if someone isn’t dedicated, loyal or devoted to the union. The type has the gift for […]


Sagittarius is an optimist with a love of knowledge. The half man, half horse that symbolizes Sagittarius describes their dual nature. Sagittarius has a constant need for mental and physical stimulation, and while the higher mind searches for the meaning of life, the lower half represents their instinctual and passionate side. The Saggitarian is learning […]


  Capricorn is the mountain Goat, and the symbol for this sign describes sturdy ambitions and a long slow climb to the top. The individual’s attitude to life is shaped by practical necessity, and Capricorns are unlikely to disrupt the status qua, unless they believe that it can be improved. Capricorns are learning to master […]