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Sun Sextile Uranus Synastry

A couple with Sun sextile Uranus in synastry have an easy connection with the individuality and electric, innovative and lively energy between them. The relationship tends to hold an element of magnetic fascination, subtle excitement and perhaps there are even some surprises. As always, Uranus contacts in any love pursuit opens up the pathway to… Read More »

Sun Square Venus Synastry

A couple with Sun square Venus in synastry can find a powerful attraction to one another, and there is lots of passion and liking, a radiating of warmth and affection. In interpretation, the aspect receives some harsh reviews, mainly because this is the square contact and it is believed there is something vain about the partnership.… Read More »

Sun Sextile Saturn Synastry

The Sun sextile Saturn synastry enhances stability, patience, and endurance in a relationship. It can be of great assistance enabling the couple to feel well-grounded with each other. It also flows in a harmonious manner, cultivating valuable lessons, enhancing teaching experiences and offering a good strong shoulder to lean upon. The discipline, self-control, and self-restraint present… Read More »

Sun square Pluto Synastry

Intensity, obsession and fascination colour this interaction. Powerful emotions are stirred as they face the psychology of loving one another in such a deep and life-changing way. A couple with Sun square Pluto synastry is dealing with themes centred around intensity, obsession and fascination in their interaction. The pair might feel obsessed with one another… Read More »

Sun square Mercury Synastry

Moving in different directions, but the mental energy is high A couple with Sun square Mercury synastry can have a strong tension between individual ego and the hustle bustle of communicating in the Mercurial city. It can be something of a challenge, especially when in a discussion, Some astrologers have equated this with too much… Read More »

Sun Opposite Uranus Synastry

A couple with Sun opposite Uranus synastry can be thought to represent opposing polarities. The Sun wants passion and warmth while the Uranus partner has a desire for intellectual detachment. It plays out, where the Sun wants to feel special and important and Uranus seeks equality. As always with relationship astrology, there has to be… Read More »