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The Tripartite Nature of Man: Spirit, Soul, and Body – Sun, Moon, & Ascendant

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant blending show the body as garment (Asc), Soul as memory (Moon), and Spirit as God

Somewhere the Sun is Shining

This body on the astrological┬áchart represents the Self, and it’s the source of your sense of what kind of life

Sun, Moon, Ascendant: The Big Three

According to astrology, if the Sun and Moon are in the same sign we are inundated with both the positive

30 Walks in the Sun

  1. The Sun is central on the birth chart, reflecting each individual’s desire to become distinctive, special, and noteworthy

The Sun: Our Eternal Individuality

The Sun mystifies many of us when first delving into astrology as we attempt to understand this ‘totality of being’


The Sun represents the process of defining our individuality and separate-self by expressing our uniqueness and true individuality. Jung uses

Sun: Is this God?

Question: Is the Sun – God? According to some theories, He is Eternal Light of the universe. Everything revolves around

Astrology: Repressed Sun

Question: When is the Sun repressed? The Solar aspect of the personality is the Divine Fire and it is symbolic

Sun: Core Values

The Sun in the horoscope shows the center of an individual, that is to say, it reveals the core of

Sun: The Art of Living

The Sun in astrology symbolizes an all-powerful vitalism, representing the vital force in all human beings. The power of this