12th House Transits: Deep Diving

Question: What does a planet do when it transits to the 12th house? What are its effects and how do you deal with its energy? The transits to the 12th house often resist easy labeling for this realm represents by nature the very things that are hidden, illusory and tend to slip from view easily....

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Transits: Astrology and Prediction

Question: Why do some transits have more impact than others for particular people? The way transits are felt for various folks is something commonly analyzed by astrologers. Individually, we often build ourselves up in anticipation over a “big” transit heading our way, and wait for the proverbial earthquake to hit in our personal life; it […]

Astrology Forecasting

Astrology is linked by synchronicity with time: a natal horoscope enfolds a snapshot of a moment, within a season and correlates right down to the hour, minutes and seconds. We are all born in a certain era, epoch, and period. The birth chart is the pattern, design, or representation of a particular energy manifesting at […]

Predicticing Lucky Times

Lucky times in life often involve the planet Jupiter, but it could be another AFOG (another f****ing opportunity for growth). I read that amusing little phrase in one of my astrology books. I was making a habit of jotting down my transit experiences, and my Venus and Jupiter days were significant. Venus usually referred to […]

Everything Changes

  Throughout our lives, we experience some significant ups and downs and transitions in life, also known as astrological transits, often representing those times of letting go of the past and crossing from the old and familiar into new and unfamiliar territory. Also, when we move into adulthood, parenthood or old age, it is a […]

Make-Up and Weight Loss Stories

Don’t forget to follow my Google plus page for mini analysis on celebrities and other bits and pieces. My mini depressions, changing moods and playlists are usually put up there like some kind of personal diary. I always embarrass myself on social media and the blog ;-p. I am heavily focused on transforming my body […]