Sun-Saturn Synastry

Question: What does it mean to have a woman’s Saturn in aspect to a man’s Sun in synastry? A woman’s Saturn on a male’s Sun means that the woman’s insecurities, fears, and anxieties are illuminated. The man’s confidence and self-expression make her feel awkward in comparison since she finds it difficult to express herself in the...

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Quickie Update

It was my son’s 7th birthday this week and it took up time. I have a stalking and stabbing case post coming up today. It involves an interesting Neptune-Mars transit. It was a good learning experience going through all the details of this story. I felt it impacted three men in her life. Liz Greene’s […]

Astrology Pics

Thanks to those who sent messages saying that the pictures I use do actually represent the astrology posts. Many said that the critical comments are in the minority. The website stands out for the well-chosen pictures and more people love the images than hate them. It is not just another “modelly pic.” It’s nice to get some reassurance that […]

A Quick Wrap Up

I have had a couple of complaints about the pictures used on the website. Some people don’t like all the models everywhere. For me, it just adds some glamor and color to the blog, and I have always seen the symbolic side of what I’ve chosen. I don’t just choose any modelly pic and throw it […]

Be Back Monday

I am just taking the rest of this week off and I will be back on Monday. The kids are on their holidays for 6 weeks. I will be posting the rest of the holiday. I’m just having this one week to sort things out. I have a Neptune trine Moon transit in the watery houses […]

Website Down

I had some technical issues with the website. The tech support thinks it is the new theme installed causing issues. I did have trouble the day before uploading Neptune in the 1st house. I will have to look into changing it. The prettier templates often have more issues. I had a post ready yesterday in […]

Quickie Update

I will be doing the Saturn transits through the houses next. I will try and mix it up with other posts so it’s not too monotonous. However, with planets transiting the houses you can read as if they are natal placements (exact same energy and themes, it’s just applied to the whole of your life […]