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Dirty Dancing: Synastry

Baby’s Pluto is conjunct Johnny’s Venus. All Dirty Dancing in this love combo together. In the movie – Baby is

Quick Note

I am still working on Dirty Dancing synastry for tonight. I need to finish the editing, grab lots of pictures,

Uranus Transits the 9th House

When Uranus transits through the 9th house, our views on life – philosophy, faith, overall perspective undergo some dramatic shifts.


With Uranus, there is an ultra-liberal attitude and it can have what is wants/needs/desires and does not necessarily worry about

Libra’s Rules

A woman with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra wrote a guidebook on proper behavior, manners, and etiquette. The mark

Mercury-Mars Synastry: Cheeky Banter

Mercury-Mars in synastry energizes the communication between a couple, for it is active, lively, and competitively stimulating. It contains all


I thought I would revamp the place with a new template. The same colours as the last one, but it

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part One

What cannot be emphasized too strongly in an astrological analysis of our parents is that the chart shows how we,

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Three

Venus in the fourth house: Usually this position is indicative of harmonious and satisfactory conditions in the home and brings

100 Astrological Tidbits: Part Two

With Leo, potency in the world outside may not be that important. Obviously we have some glaring historical exceptions, such