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Venus-Saturn: Happy New Year!

You may be feeling that the New Year is the time to quit whining about your bad karma in relationships.

Venus-Pluto 2.0

Question: As someone with a Venus/Pluto aspect in my Natal Chart, the combination has always intrigued me. In my case,

Venus-Pluto: The Black Widow

Question: I read an article recently describing Venus/Pluto women as having the potential to be a “black widow”; basically meaning

Spill the Tea: Liz Greene and Astroplace on Venus-Neptune

Liz Greene: Neptune, unlike Venus, tends towards chronic unhappiness, for nothing in this world, no matter how beautiful, can compensate

Venus-Pluto: Love You, Hate, You, Love You

This astrological pairing has been associated with the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, they are obsessively and

Venus-Pluto: What’s With the Bad Boy Attraction?

Question: Why do Venus-Pluto women enter into relationships so smothering and possessive, volcanic and extreme? And what’s with the bad

Venus-Neptune: Mr Unavailable

Question: Why do Venus-Neptune women go for married men? Married men fit Neptune’s profile since they offer excuse after excuse

Venus-Uranus: Love Her Wild

Question: I have Venus in aspect to Uranus and astrologers say that once a connection is made, it shouldn’t be

Venus-Pluto Natal/Synastry: Big Sexy Explosions with Lots of Fire and Shrapnel and Stuff

Question: Is Venus- Pluto about the explosion, deep transformation, and rebirth. Another post of Venus-Pluto? Is this really necessary, considering

Venus-Jupiter: A Romp Through Love

Question: Venus-Jupiter is fun love, happy love, laughing love, silly and boisterous love. However, I also consider Venus +  Jupiter to be