Category: Venus Signs

Venus in Pisces: The Ultimate Love

With Venus in Pisces, your love is so tender, compassionate, and unconditional, which means you open your heart wide, feel

Venus in Aquarius: The Whole Planets-Colliding-In-Space-Thing

According Grant Lewi,“Women with Venus in Aquarius value their individuality highly, and have no intentions of letting a man tell

Venus in Capricorn: I Age Like a Fine Wine

Have you ever heard the saying, “Certain things get better with age”? That’s definitely true with Venus in Capricorn. You

Venus in Sagittarius: Love’s Adventure

With Venus in Sagittarius you might obsessively value personal relationships that are about sharing your individualities, differences and just generally teaching

Venus in Scorpio: A Sexy Vamp

With Venus in Scorpio, you’re classic of the heart wants what it wants – full stop. Moreover, your affections are infused with the

Venus in Libra: Charmony

With Venus in Libra, you have a sense of justice and fair play in romance and social relations. Moreover, you are

Venus in Virgo: The Fixer-Upper

Categorised as its ‘fall’ position, this placement of Venus receives quite a few harsh interpretations from astrologers. Apparently, the reason

Venus in Leo: I Heart Me

With Venus in Leo, you thrive on dramatic displays of affection, passion, and drama, which are all an integral part

Venus in Cancer: Love Is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky

With this placement, you’re sweet, enchanting, and alluring in ways others might not completely understand. And let’s not forget, that

Venus in Gemini: Blah Blah Blah Love

Let’s start with a mental picture of Venus in Gemini. Okay, you’re fun to dialogue with, we can almost hear