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Venus: Homewrecker?

Aphrodite, Goddess of love and sexuality was known in ancient times for her beauty, sensuality, and sexual freedom. Love affairs

Venus, Beautiful Venus, How Bright You Shine

Question: what sign or aspects are attributed to beauty? I often see a strong angular Venus (Venus, beautiful Venus, how

Venus: The Essence of Beauty

Question: Since Venus is the planet of beauty and attractiveness, do you have any good beauty tips? Venus represents the

Venus: Magnetic Attraction

Venus is about attraction, love, and pleasure, those three simple things. On the surface, she draws us in with softness,

Venus: 10 Love Notes

1.Venus is the goddess of beauty and erotic love affairs. 2. Venus in astrology is tied to partnership in a big

Venus: Valuing the Feminine

Venus in the astrology chart is how we express and give affection; it is also how we receive love from

Sun Conjunct Venus: Goddess of Love

Sun conjunct Venus is self-expression and love, especially in the Aphrodite sense bringing beauty, pleasure, and value. In Greek mythology,

Venus in Pisces: Heart of the Ocean

Venus in Pisces is said to be exalted, a term used frequently by traditional astrologers to refer to a planet being

Angular Venus

Venusians can be charming, physically attractive and seductive. Venus conjunct the Asc, IC, DC, or MC, signifies a powerful urge