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Virgo: You are Psychic!

Virgo, as an earthy sign, is a doer and a builder. However, being ruled by Mercury, the sign possesses intellectual liveliness

Virgo: Miss Prim-and-Proper

I know Virgo women are prim and proper, supposed to be the workers, the critical/detail-oriented ones of the zodiac, but

The Bubblegum Babe’s Guide to Virgo

Meet the maestro at making lists, thumbing through the details, cataloging, quoting sources of information, reading voraciously, and studying what

Virgo: Practical Magic

Question: Why are Virgos so unemotional. All they do is criticize and make judgments, and they’re just too perfectionist? This

Virgo: She’s All That

Question: I hate the stereotypes of Virgo. Please are there more positive tings to be said about this undervalued sign? In

Earth Signs – Boring and Predictable?

Question: Are the Earth signs boring and predictable? The Earth signs are supposed to be least likely to draw attention

Checklist: 9 Virgo Items

Some astrologers believe that Virgo and Scorpio are associated with the same basic principle, they were previously considered to be

The Astrology of Cats and One Dog

The Aries cat loves to pounce on anything new and untried. Though, Aries may have to spring on Isabel Hickeys’

Vintage Astrology

Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of violence, guns, and bloodshed. This should give us an indication that this is

Virgo: Being Mindful

Virgo, the second MUTABLE sign, is in the element of EARTH. The sign symbolizes the changeover between summer and autumn,