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Moon in Virgo: Make it Right

An individual with the Moon in Virgo is not given to over spontaneous flows of emotion or affection, and some

Virgo: The Shitty End of the Stick

An individual with the Sun in Virgo thrives on work and this is their purpose in life to find something where

Virgo: The Seamstress

Question: I believe the descriptions for Virgoan placements are just limiting and unimaginative, and is a large part of the


Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but you can’t take the symbolism too literally. I can assure you that

Earth Signs: The Spiritual Trinity?

The Earth signs in astrology rule over the element we know best, since it is our physical home. In one

Virgo and Pisces: Loose Threads

Virgo has the urge to tie up loose threads, clear away excess clutter, and is known to be neat as

Virgo in Pictures


6 Things That Are Anti-Virgo

Virgo is not only about cutting, mending and organising clothes. However, the archetypal image of the ‘seamstress’ is most definitely

Earth Girls Are Easy

Scientists tell us that billions of years ago there was a huge explosion of matter, a “Big Bang” and our

Virgo: Self Enclosed Garden

The personality of the Virgoan is self-contained and always kept under control. Like a garden enclosed or a wall sealed