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Virgo Musings: Those Simple Things

One can imagine Virgo’s house (within the horoscope) to be pared down to bare essentials: scrubbed floorboards, uncurtained windows, starkly

Virgo: The Critic

Virgo finds it natural enough to find order in this apparent chaos; they seek to find a single key through

About Virgo the Virgin: Astrology Traits/Zodiac Sign

Virgo’s symbol is the virgin and the sign is often considered a shy personality that is bookish, virginial and loves

Virgo-Pisces: Acts of Service

Virgo is a sign related to training, work, and service. It is considered to be the most important aspect of

Virgo: The Virgin Mary

According to the Origin of the Zodiac – in the last twenty centuries the sign of the Virgin has aged thirty

Urban Astrology Signs

I noticed on the Urban Dictionary there were some funny descriptions of the twelve zodiac signs and some interesting and

Virgo: The Right Job

Louis McNeice says, “when we step over the border between this sign (Leo) and the next we perhaps hear a

Saturn in Vigo: Mind, Body and Feeling

According to Saturn in Virgo, by Liz Greene, which I have rising, there are a lot of these attitudes towards

Virgo: The Deep Intellect

Virgo in astrology is the part of the personality, attempting to deal more effectively with our daily lives, and those

The Aniti-Flirt Club: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio Part 2

Leo The Leo flirts by mere self-expression, they are affectionate and playful lovers and impress others with their ability to