The Moon and Water: The Past is Not Past

The Luna part of us is The Rememberer. It remembers things from the past (I don’t know how far back) and is a subjective planet. It’s super sensitive, psychic, and rules the dream state. The Moon is linked with the soul and water and has been linked to the astral plane. According to Jeff Green,...

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Scorpio’s Silence

Paul Valéry was a writer who had Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio in the 6th house, along with two watery planets the Moon and Pluto swimming in the twelfth house. When his mentor died, he never returned to writing for 20 years, and it was called his great silence. On the night of 4 October […]

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The Psychology of the Water Signs

The water signs represent secrecy, enigmas and contain the mysteries of the very stuff of life. The water signs also rule the unconscious side of human beings, and the subterranean emotions are like fighting an undertow of emotions that can drag us under into an emotional vortex of feeling helplessly in despair. The watery Trigon […]

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