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Zodiac Quotes

Aries Quotes

“Aries is self motivated and doesn’t need to seek approval, permission or cooperation of others. Typically, planets in Aries (and the Arien type generally) just want to do things n their own way; that is, not to be hampered, constrained or fettered by anyone or even by the energies described by other factors. Planets in Aries (in hard aspect) will …

Zodiac Quotes

Taurus Quotes

“Ownership can be very important to some Taureans, and money and property can be utilised as a form of defence. For others, money itself may matter less than a familiar environment into which one can retreat. This can also mean a stable job which, although uninspiring, has the merit of being secure, or a relationship which, although difficult, has the …

Leo Zodiac Quotes

Leo Quotes

Leo comes to life with an inner confidence which exudes from him into the environment. It is this quality which inspires people to place their faith and trust in him. If confidence turns to vanity, however, Leo will find that others will just easily turn away. Leo is not an insecure Aries, an evasive Taurus, a jumpy Gemini, a fearful …

Zodiac Quotes

Virgo Quotes

“Virgos who are addicted to work will often encounter a crisis which forces them to take a sabbatical, re-enacting the Persephone myth by experiencing a crisis and retreating to the cool, dark depths of their personal underworld where healing is possible. Even the glyphs for Virgo and Scorpio resemble one another, Virgo’s turning inward and representing the yin force while …

Libra Zodiac Quotes

Libra Quotes

If you are going to spend your life with the kind of acute awareness of everybody else that Libra’s got, you don’t have a chance very often to express your own emotions honestly. And this is Libra’s biggest problem. He often finds his own emotions very painful to deal with, because they so frequently contradict his ideal of the Good, …