Uranus Transits: 7th House

When Uranus transit’s the 7th house there can be dramatic changes in the area of relationships and sudden making and breaking of partnerships. During this transit, a marriage can go through some unsettling changes and divorce could be sought. Sometimes the changes are exciting and liberating and it happens quickly and unexpectedly. Some people experience […]

World Government

The Nostradamus book, interpreted by Liz Greene and Peter Lorie, takes a look at Pluto’s transit through the sign of Capricorn and the possibility of a new world government. “Natal China: Like East Germany, this horoscope has a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Libra, which reflects the same kind of Utopian philosophy. Despite this noble concept the […]

More Star Dilemmas

  A relationship theme with these star questions. If a certain Sun sign girl was to come home early one afternoon to find her boyfriend home alone with one of her best friends, how might she react? Sagittarius Make fun of them to find out what’s going on Capricorn Worry what everybody would think if […]

Star Counters

Here are some fun scenarios for the different star signs, the questions are from the astrology game, Star Encounters. What might send ripples of fear down his/her spine? Aries Falling at the final hurdle in the big race Taurus Not having enough money to pay the mortgage Gemini Being trapped into marriage Cancer The thought […]


Venus square or opposite Saturn signifies that one of the most testing, learning curves in life are relationships. The contact between these two planets (love and restriction) can indicate that they hold deep feelings of being unlovable. A particular area of difficulty is around self-worth is based on the value that others give to you. […]

Taurus Quotes

“Ownership can be very important to some Taureans, and money and property can be utilised as a form of defence. For others, money itself may matter less than a familiar environment into which one can retreat. This can also mean a stable job which, although uninspiring, has the merit of being secure, or a relationship […]

Gemini Quotes

Words are fascinating things for Gemini. Whether he’s the more verbal type of Gemini who talks a blue streak or the quieter types (yes there are some) whose minds may be spinning with all kinds of things but who are too introverted to tell you about them., language is usually a wonderful and eternally stimulating […]

Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus transiting through Aquarius signifies the social aspect of society and introduced one of the biggest social experiments. The transition describes the need to break free from social prejudice and snobbery in order to achieve a more enlightened social interaction. During the process boundaries are likely to be broken down. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which happened […]