Pluto in Libra

Pluto was in Libra between 1971 and 1984 and reflected deep changes in our ideas about marriage, love and human

Royal Wedding – Jupiter-Saturn: England’s Natal Chart

The wedding of Prince William has been set for the 29th of April 2011. The mundane Jupiter- Saturn opposition will

Sun in the 5th House

An individual with Sun in the 5th house is potentially creative, longing to find some kind of outlet, and generally wanting

Mother-Moon-Astrology: Scorpio Themes

Those with Moon-Pluto aspects in the chart, Moon in Scorpio or Moon in the 8th house, have great intensity of

Astrology Love Quotes

Below is a selection of various astrological love quotes. Traditional “compatibility” We learn a lot more from lovers who are

Pisces Rising

Anyone with significant points in the sign of the Fishes is gentle, sensitive, deep, understanding, and has a very tolerant,

Twelfth House Dreams

Astrologically, we would look to the Twelfth house, Neptune and Pisces for the unconscious aspects of the personality. Dreams are said

Water Signs

The Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is drawn to the reflection of its


I absolutely love the Supernatural series, and it’s so well written, produced and acted. The episodes are fantastic and there

Relationship Balance

A good place to start in an astrological relationship analysis is by first judging the elemental and modality balance in