Sun in the 7th House

When the Sun is in the 7th house there is often some concern about shining individually and being noticed for

Sun in 8th House

  The individual with the Sun in the 8th house tends to live a life characterised by drama, intensity and

Sun in 9th House

A person with the Sun positioned in the 9th house of the horoscope, seeks recognition through higher education, philosophy, law,

capricorn songs

Capricorn: Songs of the Zodiac

Capricorn portrays life’s mountain and its struggle to reach the top. Our most disciplined sign of the zodiac is all about

Sun in the 10th House

Those with the Sun in the 10th house want success and recognition in their chosen vocation, and fulfillment in life

Sun in 11th House

A person with Sun in the 11th house has a distinct awareness of the connection with all human beings. Fulfilment

Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries takes its name from the Greek God of War. Aries people are combative, independent and headstrong,


Taurus has a deep-rooted need for material and emotional stability, and both of these things are fundamental to their sense



Gemini is the most Mercurial sign of the zodiac. While all of us are made up of many selves masquerading


Cancer just like the symbol the crab has a tough exterior that protects a soft underbelly, and they are extremely