Fire Grand Trine: Raw Optimism

Next we have a Scientist called Dr Richard L. Garwin he has a Grand Fire Trine with Sun in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Leo. Rather than me bore you with the details and become too repetitive in these series of posts. I will quote some articles and higlight the words associated wih […]

The Grand Trine

A Grand Trine is a triangular aspect pattern involving three or more planets separated by an angle of 120 degrees each. The planets in the signs are in the same triplicity and due to the harmonious nature of the trine aspect, the planets cooperate in an easy flowing manner. According to traditional textbooks, this aspectual […]

Killed by Lightning

TRANSITNG URANUS CONJUNCT MARS In astrology, Uranus rules sudden shocks and signifies the urge to understand the overall pattern in our lives acting as a bolt of lightning, jolting us wide awake. For study and research purposes I examined the natal charts of those struck by lightning and killed, to see how Uranus figures in […]

Saturn in 1st House

An individual with Saturn in the 1st house often experiences feelings of personal frustration around expressing themselves fully to others. There is a resistance to exposing themselves to their environment, and it is common for Saturn here to be fearful of meeting new people and entering new situations. More than any other placement of Saturn, […]

Uranus square Pluto

Here I talked about Uranus moving into Aries in this article Uranus in Aries Wake up Call. However there is a more descriptive article of this transit that I found completely enlightening. “2012 is approaching, and along with it are all the many predictions and implications surrounding 2012. What do we believe? What can we expect? […]