Horror Movie: Libra

Once upon a time, some pursuing wolves frightened the horses drawing a carriage, and it tumbles down a hill. Dying,

Horror Movie: Gemini

When an accident claims the life of her twin sister, So-Yeon falls into a coma from which she awakes ten

Pluto Transits Sun: A New Day has Come

When transiting Pluto trines the natal Sun it signifies self-growth, personal power and self-renewal. A renewed (Pluto) sense of purpose

Astronomy Vs Astrology

In the middle of watching an astronomy programme the presenter was talking about Jupiter and its physical qualities. According to

Earth Grand Trine: Parental Material Hardship

My son has a Grand Earth Trine which involves his Sun, Moon, Asc, Mercury and Mars. I was thinking about

Neptune in Aquarius

Read this great article on Neptune’s transit through Aquarius: “Gemini, the first of these air signs, deals with the development

The Ascendant: God Parent

The Ascendant lies east of the place of birth. At the time of a person’s birth, one of the twelve

Astrological Ephemeris

Astrodienst have an amazing Swiss Ephermeris. Basically, an emphemeris is used to read the positions of planets for a particular

Neptune in the 2nd House

Neptune in the 2nd house is one of the most difficult combinations in terms of the physical and spiritual world.

Dispositors in Astrology

Dispositers are really just a way of looking at planets in their own sign, a stellium of planets in one