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Mercury-Jupiter Synastry

When Mercury aspects Jupiter in synastry, it brings lots of humor and funny jokes and comedic scenes. It also goes

Uranus Transits the 10th House

When Uranus transits the 10th house, there is change or innovation, disruption or sudden upsets, or there are unique or

Dirty Dancing: Synastry

Baby’s Pluto is conjunct Johnny’s Venus. All Dirty Dancing in this love combo together. In the movie – Baby is

Quick Note

I am still working on Dirty Dancing synastry for tonight. I need to finish the editing, grab lots of pictures,

Uranus Transits the 9th House

When Uranus transits through the 9th house, our views on life – philosophy, faith, overall perspective undergo some dramatic shifts.


With Uranus, there is an ultra-liberal attitude and it can have what is wants/needs/desires and does not necessarily worry about

Libra’s Rules

A woman with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra wrote a guidebook on proper behavior, manners, and etiquette. The mark

Mercury-Mars Synastry: Cheeky Banter

Mercury-Mars in synastry energizes the communication between a couple, for it is active, lively, and competitively stimulating. It contains all


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