Neptune in the 9th House: The Non-Believer?

Question: I consider Neptune in the 9th house to be a very open-minded, expansive, almost spiritual position in a chart.

Neptune’s Dependency

Question: I have a two-part question relating to clingy, dependent people. 1.) What house placements and aspects are indicative of

Pluto Mars Transit

When Pluto transits Mars, you have to be careful not to be over aggressive, too sexual, or harmful to others,

Pluto Transits Mercury

When transiting Pluto aspects Mercury, sometimes, and perhaps more often than you’d care to admit, your mind travels to places

The Hard Aspects: “Bad”

Question: There are some charts with all the planets squaring and opposing each other. How can people cope with such

The Trine is Just Fine

With a mystically inherited trine in the chart, it symbolizes what you do inherently and without much struggle. Trines come

Sun in the 7th House: I Through a You

With the Sun in the 7th house, you’re likely to become involved in the lives of others. This means that

Thank God for the Ascendant

The Ascendant, ruled by the element of FIRE, is naturally the first energy we project outward into the world. It’s

Quickie Update

Tomorrow I will be doing editing of older posts. I have astro-notes that I collect relating to the posts already

Synastry: Ascendant Aspects Moon

Have you ever met a person and everything just clicked, you felt so comfortable around them and they around you?