Jupiter-Saturn: The Social Planets

Saturn and Jupiter link us to society, their longer orbits (twelve years for Jupiter, 29 years for Saturn) are said to have an impact upon how we relate to the world. Jupiter signifies rewards, higher education, and contribution to benefiting society. The sign of Jupiter will describe the ways in which you grow, and the house Jupiter is placed in describes the area in life where you can expand and find success. Saturn defines our limits and adheres to the rules of society. It governs self-discipline, self-respect, and personal lessons in responsibility. Lasting achievements and hard-won success.

Jupiterian greed or over-expansion needs to be curbed by Saturn’s limitation and boundary setting. Both planets are important in understanding our role in society. However, society can collapse through different factors, such as economic reasons, or social, environmental factors which can throw the whole system out of balance. A natural disaster can cause the structures of society to collapse, creating poverty, where a whole town may need to be rebuilt and important buildings put back in place. The government can fail its people, through corruption and lies or heavy-handed leadership.