Jupiter Astrology: How To Read The Big Planet In Your Chart

Jupiter in astrology represents the symbolic world and gives you the ability to figure out what everything means. Depending on where Jupiter is in your chart and what kinds of aspects you have with it, it shows where you grow, make progress, and feel protected. If Jupiter is highlighted in your chart by being on an angle or in its own sign with strong aspects to the Sun and/or Moon, you will give off a lot of hope and optimism just by being yourself.

When seen from a psychological point of view, this Jupiterian archetype functions similarly to that of a supportive parent and instils a sense of self-confidence in you. Jupiter urges you to expand your horizons, go with the flow of life, and be receptive to new experiences and opportunities as they present themselves. The most significant aspect of it is that it shows your most basic need to grow in every way: mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Astrology of Jupiter: When I Grow Bigger

The planet Jupiter also makes everything else bigger when it comes in contact with it, which can lead to exaggeration. This can come in the form of a tendency to take risks because of too much optimism, or it can come in the form of running out of resources because of too much growth. Jupiter’s influence could make you think you are more important than you really are and make us want to “play god” with your goals and dreams.

When you lose your connection to Jupiter, you may have feelings of inadequacy, negativity, cynicism, slowness, or pessimism, as well as a sense of shrinking, in the way of being petty and having narrow views on life. Jupiter is symbolic of setting out on a journey to discover your destiny, to create your riches, or to improve your life in some way so that it is bigger and better than it now.

The influence of Jupiter on your life as a whole moves your attention away from the anxieties and insecurities that are personal to you and towards something bigger. As a result of this, you receive new knowledge and develop the ability to see the myriad of scenarios that are possible for the foreseeable future.

What Does Jupiter Mean In Astrology?

Above all else, Jupiter is a symbol of your ability to understand meaning. It pushes you to look beyond the facts and situations you’re in right now and toward something with deeper value and purpose. When Jupiter makes a connection with another planet in the horoscope, you tend to think about the ideas that planet represents and wonder what the planetary in question really means. You also want to have a strong presence in that area, so you’ll pack in as much knowledge as you can about it and use it to cover a lot of ground.

Now I would like to move onto Zeus- Jupiter. You are probably all familiar with portrayals of him seated with his eagle and the sceptre of rulership in his hand, looking every inch a king. But what does he really rule? Certain mythic figures are regularly portrayed bearing the celestial globe or the wheel of the zodiac, and Jupiter is one of these. This is not because Jupiter teaches knowledge of the cosmic order to human beings. He is the cosmic order. He is the cosmocrator who ensures that the whole system continues to operate according to divine law. Jupiter, like Apollo, can symbolize the mind of God, the divine will behind all manifestation. The Greeks favoured Apollo in this role, but the Romans favoured Jupiter – perhaps because he is more imperial. Also, he had a more interesting love life. The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest: Two Seminars on Astrological Counselling

Is Jupiter Good In Astrology

Jupiter’s role in your chart in terms of sign, house, and aspect will show you where you want to grow, how you want to stretch yourself, and what the point of your life is. Here, you try to be big and do things in a big way. In the house where Jupiter is, you often find yourself in good luck situations where you can get away with things. Your Jupiter placement sheds light on a sector of your life in which you are afforded a certain level of protection and prosperity. Jupiter pushes you out of your comfort zone, shifting your focus from the immediate and the personal to broader vistas.

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All the Light We Cannot See

Jupiter symbolises the function that enables you to see the the bigger picture of what something means. When you can do this, you can make better choices in your life. ” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” has never been more true when in the Jupiterian realm. Wholeness means that everything in the world is connected, and seeing and understanding these connections is seeing the BIG PICTURE.

You’ve probably also heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees,” which means that YOU often lose sight of the bigger, more important things because you pay too much attention to small, unimportant things. It’s true that you can’t grow as much as you could if you only see what’s right in front of you. Also, when you are in Jupiter mode, you want to be able to explore further and further. This is because the Jupiter urge makes you dislike any kind of limits, including responsibilities, duties and rules.

When What You Believe Matters

The level of faith you have in what will happen in the future has a direct bearing on how far you can see into the future. If you have an excessive amount of Jupiter in your personality you believe that anything is possible. Nothing can be accomplished if you do not have optimistic thoughts, self-confidence, or trust in a higher-power of some kind. None of it is reachable if you do not have any belief, of any kind.

In terms of the meaning that you should be looking for, Jupiter will have a lot to say about what you should be reaching for in your life. If you don’t have any sense of where you’re going or why you’re here, life can feel extremely pointless and depressing. On the other hand, if you believe that your life has some sort of meaning beyond the surface level, this belief alone can bring you a great deal of joy.