Dissociative States

Dissociative states occur when a person is under great stress from external influences, other people’s cruelty, or deeply felt previous internal conflicts with a disturbing immediate situation. The Moon (emotion) in Pisces (sensitivity) on the Dragon’s Tail (karma) is supposed to be a major contribution to the dilemma. This affliction brings dissociation with others, especially to the family. The upbringing is usually very dramatic and the subject learns early in childhood to cope with traumatic sexual or emotional abuse.

If the Dragon’s Tail (negative) affects the 4th house (home/family) in the sign of Scorpio (sex) or if there are any hard aspects to the Moon (home) and Pluto (death) drama will occur. Often, they are forced to learn to disconnect from their feelings to avoid emotional or physical pain. By adulthood, their emotions are locked behind protective walls and can be accessed as needed.

A strong Pluto (power) aspect to Mercury (the mind), and the Moon (emotions) gives the subject a powerful will to dissociate himself from whatever is going on around him so that emotional or physical pain can be avoided. The strength of Pluto, aspects to Mercury and the Moon give this person a form of the subconscious (protection) self-hypnotic trance. In extreme cases, therefore, these individuals do experience periods of “missing time,” confusion, and disorientation.

Sad enough, “The Little Queen” Jon Benett, was murdered at home. The police suspect the parents for good reasons. She was a Leo (fame/stage) and at an early age displayed her gift as an entertainer. The 4th house (home/family members) happens to be in the dramatic sign of Scorpio (death/sex) and clearly indicates where death and drama did enter the life of the subject.

Unknown Author.

If you’re interested in reading about some more darker astrology, I recommend Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope by Liz Greene.