Venus in Leo

You want a mate that can make you feel more generous and romantic when Venus is in Leo. You have an active inner life, and you enjoy a wide variety of forms of entertainment, play, and self-expression. A person with Venus in this sign would seek the approval of their peers in social situations, as well as love, attention, and affection, to boost their self-esteem. Venus in Leo seeks to be treated as a special, distinctive, and irreplaceable individual. Here, there is no such thing as a dull feeling; rather, every emotion experienced is a powerful one. Be lavish and thoughtful with your lovers, spoiling them with gifts, music, flowers, and additional attention whenever you can.

You can’t put up with a spouse’s petty behaviour or miserliness if you have a huge heart and are open in love. You’re the type of person who helps those closest to you realise their full potential and follow their dreams. You seek a partner who is devoted to you and your values and who will make you feel special. Being with a cheater can lower your self-worth, violate your dignity, and make you feel small and worthless. Sometimes a Leo might be overbearing and possessive toward the people they care about. Your inner lion will roar in fury if you think someone has deceived you, making it hard to forgive. You enjoy being treated like a king or queen in a relationship, and every fling ignites a burning desire in you. You’re influenced very easily by praise, and you enjoy being the centre of attention. You yearn for the sort of mythic, fantastic love that whisks you away from your everyday existence.

When you create a psychological profile for a female with Venus in Leo, you get the impression of a grande dame. She’s the “hostess with the mostest,” accustomed to being the center of her social set, if not the entire universe. A warm, loyal mate and friend, she signs on for the long run with those she loves. Okay, she’s demanding, and even vain, but she has a heart as big as a house and would give you the Coco Chanel right off her back. (If it’s a man, it may be barbeque aprons and the Rolex right off his wrist, but the picture is essentially the same.) How to Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle

When Venus is in Leo, you are attracted to people you admire and respect, as well as people who make you feel proud to be seen. You might even be found bragging about your boyfriend or girlfriend. When it comes to love, you want to feel unique and may have expensive tastes. You hate the idea of saving money at the expense of your own taste and style. You probably have a good sense of art, and you might want to work in the fashion industry designing clothes, styling hair, modelling, or taking pictures of fashion. There’s a good chance that someone will notice your creative work at some point.

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