Venus in Leo

A person born with Venus in Leo seeks relationships that embody romance, drama, and generosity. The emotional life is colorful and there is often a love of entertainment, play, and creativity. Ordinarily, those with Venus here seek the approval of others in social situations; love, attention, and affection boost their sense of self-worth.

Venus here needs to be appreciated, adored, flattered, and made to feel special. The person’s feelings are never neutral and passions are strong, and they usually like to spoil and pamper lovers and shower them with gifts, songs, flowers, and attention.

Warmhearted and generous in love, they cannot tolerate pettiness or stinginess in a partner. They encourage and support the development of their loved ones. They want someone they can adore, be proud of,  and they have strong principles about loyalty and faithfulness. Unfaithful partners wound their self-esteem, offends the dignity, and makes them feel belittled and humiliated. Leo can be jealous and possessive of loved ones and can be bossy at times. Leo will make a scene if they sense betrayal and don‘t forgive easily.

Venus in Leo is attracted to people they admire and respect and whose company they can feel proud to be seen. They may even be boastful about the love partner. In love, they need to feel unique and may have flamboyant tastes; they abhor economizing at the expense of their individual taste and artistic manner. The artistic sense is usually strong and this person may have an interest in fashion design, hair styling, modeling, or fashion photography.

The individual wants to gain recognition for their creative achievements. They enjoy being treated like a king or queen by lovers. For this person, each love affair is a grand passion and they enjoy showing off their lover. Venus in Leo looks for the romance of the mythical kind, which is noble and heroic. They crave love, appreciation, and attention from others and hate to be ignored. They are rather susceptible to flattery and love to feel special.