Venus in Taurus

A person born with Venus in Taurus wants to be in a relationship that will last for a long time. They have a lot of patience and a strong sense of commitment, so they would rather be in a stable and comfortable connection than take a chance on a brief and uncertain one.

The individual must be loved in a way that they can touch, and lots of physical affection makes them feel good. Venus in Taurus is stable and committed in relationships, and loyalty will be very important.

Most of the time, these individuals are steadfast in their affections; they are sensual lovers who like being in nature. Venus in this sign often has a strong sense and appreciation of touch, texture, and form.. The individual likes to have nice things and look attractive and can have expensive tastes and like good food, perfume, and clothes.

Those born with Venus in Taurus are said to be born with ‘Good Taste’. There is often a healthy regard for good food and wine, plus a love of ‘Growing things in the garden, often referred to as being `Green-Fingered’. The nature is calm and gentle, though there may need to be a lot of assurance of sincerity before this combination is persuaded towards a serious commitment. In this way, the Venus/Taurus might take a lot of time before giving an affirmative answer. There is time needed to evaluate any proposal; this sensual combination needs to agree to adjustment before acting with love. Love has to be valued as to its worth. Those with Venus in Taurus are never in a rush to gain a partner and might well prefer another to do the chasing. Those who do pursue with commitment will find this combination might become stubborn and refuse to be pushed or allow any form of proposal to be accepted. Gentle persuasion is always a better method with Venus in Taurus, in the sense that, while Venus gives chart and tact, it is always best remembered that Taurus can become the ‘Raging Bull’, should you try the patience too much, or attempt to take anything which Taurus has spent a lot of time accumulating. LOVE AND SEX, ASTROLOGICALLY SPEAKING

Venus in Taurus has a genuine appreciation for life’s finer things, and this pairing tends to draw financial possessions, so their potential partner’s riches may be significant and reflect back a sense of being valued and appreciated.

Unless they are confident that their spouse will always love them, they may be hesitant to get involved in a relationship. In addition to being possessive and jealous, Taurus is also easily threatened by rivalry. This sign is very worried about losing what they have, therefore they will go to great lengths to ensure that their love for their partner lasts forever.

Taurus is a sign that tends to be traditional and cautious, so they need a relationship that will last. The person is determined to keep a partner, and it’s likely that they want a partner to support for their lifestyle. Venus in Taurus is interested in art, music, or painting, and they get have an affinity with nature and love flowers and plants.

They enjoy the sensory delights of making love and have admiration for a partner’s strength and stamina.

Venus in Taurus commonly appears in the charts of those who marry well established-sometimes older- partners. Charming, sensual, sophisticated and attractive, Venus in Taurus also appears in the charts of people who make excellent escorts or are used as ornaments to aid their partner in their business dealings. Eating disorders – the dark and vulnerable side of this placement, are one of many of the possibilities that beset individual with an afflicted Venus in Taurus.