Virgo's criticism

Virgo’s Criticism

Virgo’s criticism involves a critical evaluation and it should be more highly valued, and not merely be seen as “nit-picking” or negativity. For example, if you are about to fork out a lot of money for a product, you read the reviews first before spending the cash. If you see that there are far more negative reviews outweighing the positive, would you spend all your money?

Virgo signifies how we critically assess life and this energy doesn’t believe anything at face value. Critics look beyond the fancy packaging and glamorous advertisements. The real test lies in the efficiency and usability of the product (both Virgo traits).

Virgo is a puzzling entity. Their dedication to those they love is authentic and admirable. With one hand the Virgin will stroke you with compliments and with the other can sometimes mercilessly point out your faults. It may help to realize that Virgo’s criticism is often more from a primordial instinct, developed since the earliest days of our Virgo ancestors, rather than from your leaving a spot on a washed pot or dish. You can protest all you want against Virgo’s relentless analysis of the details of your actions. Good luck! It will not change this sign’s behavior. Virgos can learn to be more sensitive in expressing his faults. Humility is usually what keeps Virgos balanced in relationships.  An Astrological Guide to Love & Intimacy

Virgo’s Criticism

Virgo is all about evaluation and is great at sorting out the wheat from the chaff. In this sign, life gets minimal and less cluttered, and excessive. Wasting money and time on things that don’t work does not appeal to Virgo. Discrimination, realism, and being helpful to others is what matters.

Heavy criticism has its drawbacks and makes one feel as if they have produced something unworthy, and these assessments often involve pointing out all flaws. It must be remembered that Virgo’s main objective is assessing how things can be improved. We all have Virgo somewhere in our charts and perhaps we can best use this faculty to improve our daily lives and take it step by step.