Virgo’s Criticism

The criticism that comes from Virgo is an evaluation, and this should be taken very seriously instead of being seen as “nitpicking” or negative feedback. Virgo is the sign that shows how well we can analyse the world around us, so people born under this sign don’t believe everything they hear or see. The best way to judge the quality of something is by how well it works and how useful it is. Virgoan critics will look past flashy marketing and fancy packaging to find out if something has real value.

The Virgo sign is all about analysing, and people born under this sign are great at figuring out what’s important and what’s not.  In this sign, life tends to get simpler and less hectic and chaotic. Virgo doesn’t like to waste things like money and time on things that don’t work out. Things like discrimination, reality, and helping other people are what really matter.

Heavily critiquing someone’s work often means pointing out all of its flaws. This can make the person feel like they’ve made something that isn’t good enough. It’s important to remember that Virgo’s main goal is to figure out how things could be made better. We all have some Virgo in our astrological charts, and if we take things one step at a time, we might be able to use this to make our everyday lives better.

Virgo is a puzzling entity. Their dedication to those they love is authentic and admirable. With one hand the Virgin will stroke you with compliments and with the other can sometimes mercilessly point out your faults. It may help to realize that Virgo’s criticism is often more from a primordial instinct, developed since the earliest days of our Virgo ancestors, rather than from your leaving a spot on a washed pot or dish. You can protest all you want against Virgo’s relentless analysis of the details of your actions. Good luck! It will not change this sign’s behavior. Virgos can learn to be more sensitive in expressing his faults. Humility is usually what keeps Virgos balanced in relationships.  An Astrological Guide to Love & Intimacy