I simply wanted to express my gratitude to all of the frequent readers of my site. You encourage me to keep writing, and it is your visits that inform me that this is a place is of interest. Thank you for your support. I am not the finest writer on the planet, but I am passionate about astrology, and I hope it comes out in my writing. I have been studying astrology for almost four years, although it seems like such a small period of time. I am not as knowledgeable in astrology as the other bloggers, and I am still learning my way around the subject. You may follow my development and advancement as an astrologer. Hopefully, I will improve rather than deteriorate!!!

Another person who deserves a heartfelt thank you is Lynn Hayes of Astrology Musings, who has provided me with a wonderful boost in my confidence. I am a regular reader of her blog, and I have a great deal of admiration for how hard she strives to achieve success.

Thank you all very much.