Uranus in Aries: Wake Up Call

Uranus will start its journey through the sign of Aries in 2010, which will signal the beginning of a period rich with new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. The collective consciousness, social movements, and forward-thinking ideas are all associated with the planet Uranus. The following are some of Sue Tompkins’s observations on Uranus in Aries:

This seems to mark fast moving periods of radical change with people seeking new sources of excitement. Stories involving speed, recklessness, independence, originality and possible extremism and civil disobedience are to be expected. Uranus in Aries brought the so called roaring Twenties and the motor car. The first transatlantic flight, cars and electrical appliances brought the promise of excitement and a new independence. In the west for the first time, women smoked, drank, cut their hair, voted and went on dates unchaperoned. The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)

There will be significant shifts in authority and influence as a result of Uranus’s square to Pluto. At the same time, it illustrates the global spread of new, extreme political forces. When it comes to the future and science fiction, Uranus is in charge, and we must decide if science, which Uranus also rules, should get in the way of how things grow naturally (Pluto). Pluto’s presence makes me fear that people may lose sight of what makes their civilization human and become entangled in a web of savage violence (Uranus). Uranus’s upcoming placement in Aries may prompt a cultural shift in how we see medicine, new ideas, and electronic media like television and the internet. Simultaneously, a new political movement gains traction across the country. Everyone wants to look ahead to the future and alter outdated systems and structures.

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