Uranus in Aries: Wake Up Call

Uranus will begin its transit through Aries during 2010, and it will usher in new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs. Uranus represents the collective mind, social and progressive movements. Here are Sue Tompkins thoughts on Uranus in Aries:

This seems to mark fast moving periods of radical change with people seeking new sources of excitement. Stories involving speed, recklessness, independence, originality and possible extremism and civil disobedience are to be expected. Uranus in Aries brought the so called roaring Twenties and the motor car. The first transatlantic flight, cars and electrical appliances brought the promise of excitement and a new independence. In the west for the first time, women smoked, drank, cut their hair, voted and went on dates unchaperoned.The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Astrology Now)

Uranus also squares Pluto and signifies sweeping changes regarding authority and people in power. It also reflects new and radical changes in politics. Uranus rules all things Sci-Fi and futuristic and we may question if science (Uranus) should interfere with natural evolution (Pluto). The collective may get caught in a grip of savage brutality (Pluto), losing its basic humanity (Uranus). Uranus in Aries used creatively, breaks through barriers in medicine, invention, television, and the Internet. New revolutionary leaders appear on the scene and a new ideology catches on. The collective urge is to move forward into the future and transform worn-out forms and structures.