Uranus square Pluto

Here I talked about Uranus moving into Aries in this article Uranus in Aries Wake up Call. However there is a more descriptive article of this transit that I found completely enlightening.

“2012 is approaching, and along with it are all the many predictions and implications surrounding 2012. What do we believe? What can we expect? Some say Armageddon is nigh. Others say that the earth is going through a transformational shift where our planet, society will be so different from what we now know. Our today will be so different from our tomorrow. Yes, the earth is going through a transition. There are more people than ever before. We have more ways to destroy ourselves than ever before, just as we have more ways to save ourselves than we’ve ever imagined. Psychics predict earth changes. The Mayan calendar of thousands of years ends in 2012. Alien sightings are increasing. And it seems everyone has the answer… Our political candidates are all clamoring for change as never before. The media wants us to support their candidate. Big Corporations, Oil, Drug, Banking and Finance… all say that we should buy their version of hope and change. The question is from where is the answer going to come? Will it come from outside of us in the form of bigger government or bigger business in the form of taking more and more control OR will the change come from within, from inside each of us?

Welcome to Pluto square Uranus.

Beginning 2011 through 2015, Uranus, the planet of innovation and freedom will be in square with the planet Pluto, notorious for its desire to exert subtle but relentless power over whatever it aspects. This square will create a cosmic tension between freedom loving Uranus and power hungry Pluto. Who will profit and benefit from the creative innovative energies flooding from Uranus? The lovers of freedom, those free spirits with a desire to live their dream to bless the entire world with their brilliance. Or the controllers behind the scenes pulling the strings of governments and corporations? The Uranian energy of Freedom and Innovation will leave Pisces May 27, 2010 and move into Aries. Aries is the pioneer of the Aquarian Age. May 27, 2010 is the date in which events will heat up. This is the date to brace yourselves. This Uranian energy will be bursting forth in multiple duplications of itself, all over, popping up here and there, seemingly disconnected, but very much reacting from each other. Like squirting out inventions and inspirations coming through us, inspiring this and that new thing, unable to be contained, with a life almost of its own, transforming the planet through its agenda to upgrade, innovate and aggressively stimulate the impetus towards freedom”. Read the rest here at Starwatch.