Mars-Neptune Transit

The Rundown

You may feel your strength, willpower, and assertiveness diminishing.

– Your personal identity becomes confusing and the ego disintegrates.

– The fantasy life is heightened.

– The body becomes vulnerable to infections, illness, and anything toxic.

– Projects can fail now.

– Action drifts along.

– You may even act in misguided ways.

– Acting in secret and dishonesty and also deception becomes a problem.

– The sex drive is lowered or even heightened and the sex life is fantasy filled and driven. You may need to watch boundaries in this area and don’t slip into sex too easily.

– Discouragement and depression can become a major problem now

– You are plagued with feelings of inferiority

– This is not always the best time for surgery or taking medication, as sometimes there is confusion with dosages and the medication isn’t the right one.

– Spiritual inspiration and creative goals are probably the better manifestations of the transit.

– Try not to begin drug or drinking habits because resistance is weaker now and you could fall into escapist habits.

– Desires and goals may slip under the unconscious and you don’t know what you want anymore.

– Every time you try and act clearly your motivation and drive become listless.

– Inverted desires

– You may feel both guilt and rage

– Unconscious anger

Her confidence decreases and she loses determination and persistence. The person’s ego seems to disappear and disintegrate… During the transit just try to maintain the status qua. She should not take on or assume any new responsibilities. It is a terrible time to engage in competition professionally or otherwise. The person is powerless to defend herself. …Individuals involved in art, music, drama, filmmaking, or photography can make excellent use of this transit. The person’s creations are more imaginative, colourful, and visionary than usual. How to Be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained

Axel Harvey describes the Mars-Neptune combination as “physical action fulfilling an obsession with the oceanic…associated with violent events, not with violent people.”

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