The Astrological Aspects

The Astrological Aspects is a book written by Charles Carter, and it was published in 1930. My copy is heavily worn and with pages falling out, bought it second-hand from Amazon. The previous user has underlined study notes for my quick reference, and it’s interesting reading what the former owner found relevant in Carter’s interpretations of the aspects (graffitied my book a little, though).

The book doesn’t contain any Pluto aspects as the planet wasn’t discovered in the year it was printed and this is its only real critique. In Carter’s work, the aspects are viewed and interpreted separately, which is unusual by today’s modern standards. The conjunction, soft aspects (sextile and trine), and hard contacts (square and opposition) having their own relevant sections. In the introduction, Carter states:

When we seek to determine the probable external form of aspects in the affairs of life, we meet yet greater variation. What is more absurd to suppose that the same aspect will manifest in the way in the case of a convict serving a life sentence, a millionaire financier, a Bohemian artist, or a soldier on active service? However, while realizing these difficulties to the full, I have tried to make a book that will contain something both new and useful.

I believe this is an extremely relevant point of view of the astrological aspects, which should be included in all books written on the subject. We never know what kind of variation there will be when expressing a planetary aspect in the horoscope, and the actual station and circumstances of the individual also need to be included. In general, we can get a good grasp on an individual’s nature using the aspects alone, without any prior knowledge. The book itself contains many new thoughts on the astrological aspects considering its age, and it holds plenty of insights into the nature of each combination of planets. For example, using the previous reader’s study notes he/she has underlined the following for Sun conjunct Moon.

It can scarcely, of itself, tend to breadth of outlook or adaptability, for the interests will naturally incline to centre on matters of the house that is occupied and the character will be heavily marked with the sign in which the Lights are….eggs are all in one basket…..some degree of self-will and stubbornness…a little vanity and self-opinionated.

I enjoy an author like Carter, mainly because he is a researcher first and foremost. I highly recommend this book, and while there are some gloomier interpretations, they are not necessarily viewed in this light. Much of the harshest of interpretations are given in the traditional view, have actually manifested in my life.

For a final taster of the book, here is Moon in inharmonious aspect to Neptune, which is Marilyn Monroe’s angular natal aspect, and this is taken from my study buddy’s underlined notes:

A kindly easy going character…..probability of complications with the other sex, and probably scandal…An inability to rest satisfied with anything short of perfection is a common and a tormenting condition….tendency to intrigue…..short cuts and get quick rich methods…..women have high emotional tension…..a distinct liability to be deceived by others and to suffer various forms of disillusion….In the case of men one or other of the parents is often of a harsh type….The tendency to resort to spiritualistic practices…….sometimes to cause the native to be obsessed by thoughts of the hereafter.