Mars in Aries

Those with Mars in Aries take action and they have the spirit of a warrior in attitude and approach to life. The nature of this planet and sign is hot and fiery and maybe a little too hot to handle at times. They react immediately when their desire is fueled. Astrologically speaking this is the fastest planetary energy in the horoscope. Throughout life, these people push through obstacles. Mars in Aries is decisive, bold, and groundbreaking; they enjoy being mental, physical, or spiritual in their activity, and always feel the need to DO something.

This combination tends to get easily excited and quickly aroused, and there may even be a dare-devil approach. When aroused to anger the temper is hot at that moment, but short-lived. It has been said that they have a highly competitive streak, and there is also a youthful, enthusiastic, and daring energy.

Mars in Aries likes to take action first in any situation and they possess a strong supply of raw energy. This is a go-getting Mars that cannot stand limitations, and with a will this strong there isn’t much anybody can do to stop them. Many of these types are also self-reliant and do not depend on others to do things for them. Cooperation rarely comes easily, and they enjoy the challenge anyway. They may break new ground and have the potential to achieve something truly original.

Those with this combination require independence in their field of interest, and they prefer decisive action. When Mars is placed here they might want to lead in some capacity but will insist on doing their own thing. Abounding in energy and enthusiasm at the start of a new venture, they also need a very positive response and encouragement to sustain interest in it.

A desire to do things in a new way is very strong in them. Archetypally, Mars in Aries is the warrior of the zodiac, armed with face paint, shouting, and charging fast. Aries has a taste for battle, but they are also honorable in their actions and don’t hold grudges. These types must be physical, either in sports, intellectually, or in the bedroom. There are usually great shows of passion directed towards their pursuits, and they have no patience for long, boring, and laborious negotiations.