Mercury in Aries

An individual with Mercury in Aries has a great deal of mental energy and they learn best when intellectually challenged. Mercury here possesses innovative ideas that are expressed assertively, directly, and with confidence. The mind is energized and, let’s just say, they are less diplomatic and tend to be more straight-forward. Thoughts and words are acted upon and they don’t wait around all day to consider other options. Mercury tends to act subjectively in Aries and answers are expressed in an honest, no beating about the bush manner. The individual might even become impatient with those who can’t keep up mentally because they don’t have time to flap about.

It may be difficult to sustain interest in the details and so those with this placement tend to make quick judgments and decisions and don’t hang about analyzing a problem. Those with Mercury here are prone to quarreling or they may just come across as an assertive thinker. Other people may feel slow in comparison because they like to get to the point of the issue fast; they might also be fast talkers or viewed as super direct. This is a very jump to conclusions and a be bold with your analysis placement. Typically they like to get their point of view across first. Some might see them as having a self-centered perspective; there is a need, though, to stay strong in the area of communication.

When Aries is activated by Mercury great stress is placed upon the nervous system and the psychological-mental faculty needed to transit the inspirational release of energy, the ideas and the swift intuitions generated by the Aries Fire. the mental tempo is usually quick unless retarded by psychological complexes. Understanding is easy…the intellect feeds on rapid changes and comes to require a constant state of excitement. It tends to dramatize everything around the personal ego…something must be started at all times – and as a result, the nerves and the mind break down under the strain of keeping up with or inventing excitement. The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix

Mercury in Aries could be described as headstrong with burning ideas and a strong intuitive capacity. The mind needs to be active and learn things quickly. They like to tell others about ideas first and inspire and motivate people just by what is said. Enthusiasm and the ability to lead with communication are great strengths. A fondness for debate may be present and they like to win. It may help, however, to develop some patience and diplomacy and to make sure that all the relevant information is present before jumping in too quick with assertions because they tend to speak on impulse.

Overall, they like to give birth to new ideas and are great at starting conversations. Mercury in fiery Aries will always have something exciting to say and the spontaneity of ideas and the expression of thoughts are original. They give the answer now and don’t leave people waiting around. The mind also prefers to keep active and independent and there is always something new and fresh budding. With plenty of new possibilities and mental adventures, ideas never become stale.

In Aries Mercury is strong and impetuous. The native is usually a creature of impulses, taking up ideas with enthusiasm, but unable to concentrate on them for any length of time. He is often witty, inventive, vigorous in execution, a capable administrator or governor, though apt to be dictatorial and impatient of opposition and still more of delay…But where Mercury is well dignified, this position is altogether admirable for their sheer brilliance of mind. Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars