Moon-Neptune: The Highs and Lows

The Moon-Neptune aspect functions as an emotional sponge in the surrounding environment. Typically, there is a genuine desire to be immersed in the company of people. The individual yearns for a dream world and a destination that is far away from the harsh realities of life. Those who struggle with the more difficult components usually have strong concerns of loneliness, separation, and isolation. At its most basic level, there is an unquenchable desire for love and affection, as well as for individuals on whom one can rely. What saves them, though, is their ability to be inventive and to feel deeply, which allows them to be emotionally content throughout. Only if they begin to believe more in themselves and become less reliant on others will they be able to do so. Addiction, delusion, disillusionment, escapism, unhappiness, and depression are all manifestations of a Neptune aspect on the negative side.

There is typically a strong desire to be needed and to contribute to society in some manner. However, chronic emotional distress and physical sickness may be a continual source of dissatisfaction for certain people. When Neptunian ‘afflictions’ struck, it was generally the mother (Moon) or a close family member who was affected.

C.E.O Carter refers to the Moon-Neptune type as those that end up in some kind of scandal. The female type may be an invalid, recluse or a nagging partner. There is always deep discontentment and high emotional tension and a liability to being deceived by others or to suffer from various forms of disillusion. Carter believes the type can have parasitical tendencies. The Astrological Aspects

Contacts between the Moon and Neptune tend to accentuate martyr-like characteristics and victim-hood. Various types of guilt and agony may also be present, causing distress. They frequently have dependence demands, inadequate boundaries, and a great deal of empathy and compassion for everyone. An overwhelming sensation of loneliness and, at times, tremendous despair prevails. In the words of author Liz Greene, “Moon-Neptune types are endlessly hungry, yet they are willing to offer themselves or themselves up as food to every hungry mouth that comes along.”