Neptune in Aquarius

tumblr_mhnnrs6bVi1rlrt1io1_500Read this great article on Neptune’s transit through Aquarius:

“Gemini, the first of these air signs, deals with the development of personal communicative skills, speech and articulation, the training of the nervous system, writing and learning.

Libra, the second of the air signs, raises the singular development of Gemini, focused their own skills, to interpersonal communication and cooperation. The scales have come to represent the courts and the legal system, wherein its idealized goal is that before the law, everyone is equal. This can mean individual vs. individual, corporation, or national government. Each carries equal weight in court. Marriage and divorce are the other areas which are most often placed in Libra’s camp. Here, the one-on-one associations are obvious.

Aquarius, our final air sign, is concerned with collective communication and what’s best for the society. It, too, represents the nervous system and equality, but its concern is less personal or interpersonal, but rather of what’s good for the majority. It is for this reason that we find education, and the diversity of everyone within society, coming into greater focus under the vibration of Aquarius.”