Butterfly: Gemini – Scorpio

gemini scorpio butterfly

The Butterfly is often used as an interesting analogy to describe the zodiac sign of Gemini. However, there is also the comparison made with Scorpio and the metamorphosis process of the caterpillar into a butterfly. We could even compare the overnight transformation of the pond water into ice as relating to Scorpio. In astrology, we talk about Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) transits when someone has gone through a complete or marked change in personality, lifestyle and way of life.

A number of cultures have associated the Butterfly with the souls of the dead. The Greek word Psyche means both soul and butterfly. In China, Japan, and Java the butterfly may sometimes carry the soul of the deceased or even a sleeping person. The Butterfly may also be considered the soul of an old friend visiting someone or trying to deliver a message to the living. The Butterfly in Christianity usually symbolizes resurrection instead of rebirth.

The transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly is described by the sign of Scorpio and the lighter, breezier and colourful side of the butterfly, belongs to Gemini. In addition, there is something quite beautiful in visualizing our loved ones who have departed from this plane of existence to have transformed from a dead and empty shell into a soaring, spiraling and magnificent Butterfly/Spirit.

I will leave you with two quotes explaining both realities. In Myth, there is a link between Hermes the messenger of the gods (Mercury) and Hades (Pluto) who ruled the underworld kingdom inhabited by the souls of the dead.

The Gemini woman can be a fascinating creature. She can also be an elusive one, and a thoroughly confusing one if you attempt to type her. She’s particularly confusing if you expect her moods to be consistent and her interests focused. But once again remember the butterfly. Butterflies aren’t provided for utilitarian reasons such as our food supply or the wood from which we build houses. Whatever nature had in mind, we enjoy butterflies for their beauty, for their grace, for their freedom, for their brightness. Astrology for Lovers


We speak poetically of the death and rebirth process and relate it to the chrysalis process of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Indeed it is a beautiful sight to behold, but one wonders, how does the caterpillar feel about it? It is the one whose guts are being eaten out! Pluto processes often feel just like that – like your guts are being eaten out through the process. It takes profound faith to let go of a past identity and to believe that a higher form of existence awaits you on the other side. Since Pluto is beyond the ego’s ability to control the experience, the ego must surrender its grip on reality to go through the process. As the caterpillar must surrender its life to become the butterfly, the ego must surrender its life to evolve to yet greater levels of reality. Astrology & Relationships: Techniques for Harmonious Personal Connections

Gemini enjoys the lightness, agility and weightlessness of life and hates the heaviness of being contained in a physical body, and it is comparable to the Castor and Pollux myth. One twin was mortal and the other was divine and they often switched places. It’s a pity that we don’t have this freedom to leave for a while and then come back again.