The Astrology of Settling Down

Commitment is a scary word to some signs, but to earth signs it provides a solid foundation. Earth represents the stabilizing of a relationship into a commitment. It is the building of a life, partnership and home, and represents something real, solid and enduring. Earth signs are deeply concerned with the practical aspects of life and about “settling” down. They need assurance and dependability before they invest in a partner. For some of the other signs who are still in the process of self-discovery and need fun and adventure, “commitment” is too binding a word.

In long lasting relationships, Taurus gives the much-needed stability, and so they buy or invest in a property and settle down to a comfortable life, and he or she doesn’t like their security being rocked. Earth signs like to live an ordinary life, and the inherently fixed nature of Taurus won’t allow them to give up easily on a marriage. The creature comforts are soothing to Taurus and these people are old fashioned lovers with plenty of patience. Taureans are known to be possessive and ownership is important to them, and so the Bull doesn’t like anyone trying to take their valuable possession, and they are prone to physical violence. Taurus needs to have a satisfying sex life and they are very sensual and romantic people who have basic urges that need to be satisfied. Virgo likes to settle into a routine in a relationship and this may be monotonous and dull to other people, but all earth signs like to be secure.

Virgo is interested in what works and what is known. Both Virgo and Capricorn are prone to become workaholics, but Virgo has an emphasis on good service. Virgo also understands the finer details and the right way to do something, and it’s the little stuff that counts when trying to make a relationship work. Many people underestimate Virgo’s refined and understated qualities, but they know and understand the skill, workmanship and technique that is involved in building the marriage vessel.

Capricorn is like a healthy dose of cement in relationships, and obligation and duty make their partnerships solid. Rock-hard Capricorn can handle responsibility, discipline and the hard work it takes to make a relationship successful. However, the sign fears failure and feeling inadequate and so will do their utmost best in a relationship, but they also need social acceptability. For Capricorns status, reputation and material possessions are considered important. Capricorns are, the most controlling types and they often have a real terror of being dependent and weak. Capricorns can sacrifice fiery, passionate or sentimental and romantic love for what is safe and they tend to take relationships very seriously.

Above all, earth needs relationships that are productive, useful and full. If we look at the water planets in the horoscope Cancerian planets and powerful Lunar aspects can show a maternal side of the personality and someone wanting to form a family quickly. The moon in the 7th house can stay in relationships for security reasons. Scorpio lovers need monogamy and true commitment and so they may be willing to settle down, although they need some “drama” and theatre in their lives. Scorpio is a fixed sign and they value unchanging emotions and don’t trust easily. Scorpio’s don’t easily give up on things. They don’t need practical security, but they do need your undying and unwavering love. Scorpio lovers look for a soul-mate and Scorpio’s value the F-word. First off, get your minds out of the gutter, and what Scorpio passionately believes in is – FATE. This is a “meant to be” love which is binding forever and ever and ever.

Astrologically Pluto means destiny, fate and evolution, and that which is inevitable and can’t be changed. This stuff sounds really deep and profound, but it leads us closer to the emotional environment and landscape of Scorpio. Of course we can have conflicting signatures in the horoscope and part of us may desperately need security and safety whilst other personality factors long for adventure and excitement. Sometimes we have to try and live both these sides out in our relationships.