Neptune in Relationships: Song Choice

2417199In a Neptune relationship, the importance of finding a soul mate who can enrich, deepen, and satisfy all of our longings is paramount. Although the concept of a “soul mate” is open to a wide range of interpretations, the general opinion holds that it represents two individuals who feel as though they have known each other their whole lives, or “click.” Neptune longs for profound union with other people; the pain of being apart from others drives them to search for emotional and spiritual wholeness through close relationships. Neptune connections are frequently built on a common creative or spiritual dedication, and they often come together through sacrifice, shared guilt, and a sense of emotional need, all of which can be painful but ultimately rewarding. According to astrologer Liz Greene, a relationship with a composite Neptune can symbolise a ‘dream love’ for a movie or music star that one would never have the chance to meet in real life.

It is practically impossible to acquire perspective and recognise what is happening while under the spell of Neptune, which can create, inspire, and enchant, but can also blind, hypnotise, and cause addiction. High idealisation and inspired love are produced by a Neptune synastry connection, yet this can also lead to painful disappointment. Neptune in a relationship may have to take the role of saviour in order to help a partner overcome their emotional difficulties. Neptune is a caring planet that takes on the feelings of others as if they were their own, making this a connection fraught with delusions of saving a partner. It’s common to think that you can help someone overcome their bad upbringing, addiction, or other setbacks in life if you just show them enough compassion and empathy. The tantalising headiness, seductive manipulation, and overwhelming pressure of a Neptune relationship are all real possibilities.

Losing the ideal union and a deep emotional connection is disheartening and upsetting when the relationship ends. Dark and toxic Neptunian love can leave people sick, depressed, and dependent long after the relationship has ended. Unconscious martyrdom, manipulation, and self-destructive passivity are all factors to examine in relationships that are this harmful. Self-sufficiency and the will to rely on oneself rather than a partner are often the best antidotes to the dangers of becoming too emotionally attached to another person.

Neptune’s tendency to fall in love with attributes in the partner that may not truly be there increases the risk that both partners will feel tricked and disillusioned if the planet is present in a relationship. Despite the planet’s weaknesses—including an excessively “imaginative” emotional state and an unwillingness to face reality—and the fact that we have descended into murkier realms, many Neptune natives see love as emotionally satisfying, therapeutic, compassionate, and understanding. The degree to which two people are self-aware influences the nature of their relationship more than anything else. Everyone has a little bit of Neptune inside them, and romantic idealisation and yearning are present in every relationship. A deep compassionate love and understanding between souls may exist despite the typical Neptune-related confusion, instability, and unmanageability in the partnership.

Neptune Songs

Dream Lover (Mariah Carey)
Sweet Dreams (Beyonce)
Pretty World (September)
Girl Overboard (Girls Aloud)
We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)
Addicted (Kelly Clarkson)
Secret Garden (Rachel Stevens)
Love Mist (Alexis Jordan)
Lost Without You (Delta Goodrem)