Venus-Neptune Transits: The Perfect Relationship

When Neptune transits Venus we experience Neptune through our values, relationships, and possessions. The urge to be in a relationship is strong, and we may be drawn to a partner who is sensitive, romantic, and dreamy.

Alternatively, Neptunian compassion and even pity motivate our choices in love at this time, and we could wind up with people who drain us emotionally and even financially. We may be swept off our feet by someone, and seek a soul mate union which transcends ordinary and physical emotional needs. There is often the tendency to over idealize partners during this time, and while it may be magical, it can also be deceptively enchanting. Neptune has a penchant of not seeing clearly the planetary principle it touches, and so coming down to earth from these kinds of relationships is difficult. Yet, we may genuinely fall in love during this period in our lives, and feel that we have really met ‘the one’ and a special soul mate to share our life with.

  • When Neptune transits over Venus we long to experience the richest, most fulfilling and sublime love. We are incredibly empathetic towards a lover, spouse or new interest. However, we may be completely intoxicated by love for this person that we cannot always see them objectively. The transit often coincides with walking into relationships and not clearly seeing what we are entering into, our family and friends will have the objectivity to see what is really happening, but as far as we are concerned, everything is rosy. We may believe that we have found perfection, but when the enchantment has passed, we will need to come to terms with a real human being, and may risk disillusionment if we believed they were perfect.
  • In love matters we do have to be careful about being gullible and open to deception, and we may be so inspired by someone that we lose our sense of judgement and usual discrimination. If we have entered a tricky and complex relationship during this period, once the transit ends we may come out of it reeling with a hangover, and feeling bitterly disappointed by it all. The happiness we thought we were experiencing was just an illusion, and we may even kick ourselves for not seeing it sooner. Our feelings may contain a strongly self-sacrificial energy right now. We might easily fall for Neptune types in relationships, and so a partner may be unstable, weak, destitute, highly dependent and needy, or abuses alcohol and drugs. We might even be attracted to losers or victims and of people who just can’t get their life together, and need us to rescue them.We won’t always feel the need to disregard our own feelings and needs. Under Neptune’s transit to Venus our ideals of love and human relationship by self abnegation, spirtiual values, and it may feel good to be taken out of ourselves.
  • The notion of the perfect partner is difficult to let go, but sooner or later we may realize that we were the one making all the sacrifices and adjustments in the partnership. Our longing for a soul-mate at this time lies behind such a compulsive need for a relationship. This can lead to feeling bitterly disillusioned, but this may be a lesson in disguise, and it will allow us to look at our values differently and realize that external people and objects are not always dependable, and we need to find our inner resources to cope, and not allow others to use the things we place our highest value upon. We may regert giving away so much of our needs, resources and boundaries. We can’t be all things to all people and make impossible relationships so try and keep things in balance right now.
  • Venus-Neptune transits sometimes involve secret and clandestine affairs, and we fall in love with someone who is simply unavailable to us, emotionally and/or physically. Usually after the initial feelings of desperate longing have passed we are left feeling frustrated by the whole thing. We end up fantasising about the relationship rather than seeing the one that really exists. The reality may be much different than we imagined or were led to believe because were so desperate for love. We may have to examine why we desperately wanted love, affection and happiness, and why we thought a relationship could fulfill all of our desires. The transit often brings emotional pain and difficulties, and suffering in relationships. We also have to be careful not to over-indulge in the pleasurable side of life, there can be a profound experience of unity with a partner, and we do everything we can to please them.
  • We are more sensitized to objects and beauty, and feel more tender and loving. Music is an excellent outlet, and we excel in all creative endeavors. We need to infuse life with a sense of beauty and harmony, and we feel quite mystical and deeply compassionate. Such an opening of the heart may inspire us to be extremely responsive to music, poetry and art. If we are involved in creative work at this time we bring depth and universality to anything we create, as well as increasing our sensitivity to images, sound, beauty and relationships.


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