Pregnant at 5!

I came across the story of Lina Medina; she is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of 5. The little girl was brought to the doctor’s with the belief that she had a tumour growing in her stomach. However, it was discovered by doctors that she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. Further details found that she had experienced her first period at eight months of age, but an uncle later said she was 2 and half years old. When doctors performed her caesarean they found she already had fully mature sexual organs from precocious maturity.

How the little girl got pregnant was never determined and she never revealed the circumstances leading to her early motherhood. Medina’s father was arrested on suspicion of abuse and rape, but was released due to lack of evidence. Some said that there were frequent festivals that ended up in rape where she had lived, and the case was called a hoax by some, but was verified by doctors based on biopsies and x-rays.

If this is true, it is a fascinating, but deeply disturbing case at the same time. I don’t have a birth time, and only a birth date to work from. There will be lots of missing information about the little girl’s’ horoscope. However, the aspects which stood out to me were Medina’s Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio trine to Pluto in Cancer. Scorpio rules the sexual organs, and Cancer rules the stomach, breasts and menstrual cycle. Scorpio and Pluto rule reproduction, and the natural cycle from birth to death. The easy aspect between these signs aided and facilitated growth (Scorpio & Pluto). Scorpio as ruler of the sexual genitals reveals where energy is focused and concentrated. With Mars-Pluto aspects, and in extreme cases, there can be sexual abuse, rape, or violence. However, this is usually most seen with the harder aspects, but we can’t fully rule out the power of trines. The Venus trine Pluto aspect may just slightly fall wide of orb, but I have seen such conjunctions and aspects working in the natal chart.

If you are a Venus-Pluto child, your erotic feelings are more intense and obvious than those of many children, and there is a great likelihood that they were not welcomed. If a parent is caught up in his or her need to possess, the child’s sexuality may be used in order to preserve the early parent-child bond beyond its natural life. Such manipulation not only offers a rather horrific role model to Venus-Pluto; it may also leave deep scars of rage which make the person very afraid to risk losing sexual control in relationships. By Liz Greene – The Inner Planets