Taurus’ Roots

b3096c643ab2b37dce34f13d80eebceaTaurus is the sign of rootedness. Out of all the zodiac signs, this one has the powerful ability to stay in the same place and make something out of it. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus and is exceptionally fertile. A Taurean is very much about anchoring the Self into the world, and demonstrating both reliability and steadfastness. However, Taurus can be so rooted that it becomes very difficult to move them. They are like a plant that is embedded so deeply into the ground, it takes nothing but brute force to uproot him or her, and they simply refuse to let go.

If you disrespect the Taurean’s sense of roots, it will cause the bull to charge. The more you push the bull the stronger his or her resistance and the more firm and resolute they become. You have to really dig deep to move Taurus, and they like to do things slowly. Most of them tend to operate under the expression “slowly but surely”. The downside of their inability to budge is that they can be accused of being “predictable”, and there is a tendency of becoming stuck in life, stagnating with no attempt at further growth.

Taurus has strong roots in tradition, and there is often a love of the old, antique, and anything that is solid and valuable. Possessions, values and people must have a sense of permanence and can be relied upon. One of the great talents of Taurus is the ability to sustain jobs, relationships, and sense of security. Once they put roots down in a place, they make it their own. Being over-endowed with common sense there is an incredible down-to-earth quality. Even in relationships they root themselves in one place and it often takes a martial eruption and some kind of underground earthquake in his or her relationship to move the individual out of their comfort zone. Some Taureans will stay in unhappy marriages for a long time than risk the uncertainty of change. Taurus seeks a stable relationship, one that is unchanging, and holds a sense of permanence.

Hold Tight

Possessiveness is sometimes a problem – holding on tightly to what is deeply valued. It might make some Taurean partners feel more like a possession than a person in their own right. Taurus is predisposed to engaging in the process of accumulation, whether of material, objects, money or people. Jealousy often manifests as a fear of losing something that one holds dear. Another saying for Taurus would be: What’s mine is mine. They care about love and loyalty, need plenty of physical contact and affection in relationships, and emotional stability, financial security, and enjoying the familiarity of it all. But Taurus, ruled by Venus, is uncontrollably monopolizing and dangerously hot-tempered once he or she sees “red”.

“The arts of love and satisfaction of desire can unite man and woman in harmonious sexuality and a happy wedded life. But on the other hand they can generate rivalries, jealousies and passions that acutely threaten the relations between individuals, kinship groups and even nations.”  By Liz Greene

Trouble may arise when a partner wants to change things, and the Taurean remains stubborn. This may bring about arguments. Locking horns with Taurus can lead to great passions and fights and the partner is often pushed into losing their temper. Taureans “wait and see” attitude might lead to destruction out of pure frustration leading to unlived desires. Taurus will wait, wait, and wait. You will deeply treasure their consistency, and the fact that they can be counted on through difficult and changing times, but the bull-headed kind of person doesn’t change their mind easily. The reason a Taurean is not so quick to take risks is that they don’t like making decisions that cannot be undone later. In Taurus, there is always a sense of permanence, even if this means they are in danger of fighting against positive changes.

Taureans are famous for their stubbornness and obstinacy and they seem to go about everything in the same unchanged, unhurried and unruffled manner. They become a permanent and immovable fixture in any relationship, job, or home. Sometimes, it may feel as if it is nothing but unreasonableness and deep inflexibility. Taurus is a persistent sign and they can persist in their stubbornness for a long time, and will not move unless there is a definite reason to do so.

Another image for the sign of Taurus and one of the most profound symbols of security in our society is money. One of the most popular themes in literature is that wealth renders the powerless powerful and the unlovable loveable. Money is viewed as one of the basic needs for survival, and everybody has a fundamental need for security. However, having planets in Taurus – this central need is rooted deep in the personality. Money can buy us the good life, the best food, home comforts and these are all things that Taurus values.

Taurus suffers from terrible fears that they might lose everything, and might not have enough to sustain them, and feel something dreadful is going to happen and they will lose all security. To Taurus security is fixed in a recognizable form and is safe and inviolable. When they are pushed, the sign we could hardly get moving becomes unstoppable. All that strength and power it took to remain secure is now refocused on protecting their territory, especially when threatened by change, betrayal or an erring partner, they will snort, blow steam out of their ears, stomp and charge to protect anything that belongs to them, including partners. Taurus is one of the strongest zodiacal signs, and although they appear placid and unruffled, they may need to come face to face with the destructive beast within.

“But the tyrant monster of which Campbell writes is the challenge of Taurus, its dark face which must at some point be met in life. The earthy power which allows the tyrant to accrue wealth, as Minos gathered wealth and power over the seas, is the gift of Taurus; but the dilemma lies in his relationship with the god, and which god it serves, the deity or himself. The story of Minos ends in a stagnant situation, where the destructive monster lies at the heart of the apparently abundant realm.” Astrology for Lovers